Ethereum smart contracts

Ethereum smart contracts execute the financial transfers of 7eleven. They are driven by events from the 7eleven. Upon execution of contracts the exchange then takes the focus and handles the 3rd party transactions.

Smartcontract: 7ELEVEN

Decimal: 8

Symbol: 7E

Exchange - trading


This the list of listed markets 7E in the Roadmap
Latoken, Oex, Hubi, Mercatox, Catex, Fexpro, BitForex

Nakachain charity fund

Nakanchain Charity Foundation was established with the consent of the founding team of Project 7E as well as all of the shareholders supporting the project.

The fund has been determined with the purpose of helping poor children all over the world, especially children in Nigeria.

This charity mainly supports children with the three main issues.

  • First: food
  • Second: health
  • Third: education

The main thing is the food fund for children which will be 30% of the money from the fund. The second activity provides medical support. The amount allocated to this activity is 30% from NakaChain fund.

The third major activity relates to the education problem of poor children in countries 30% of the money from the official Nakachain fund.

The remaining 10% from the fund to maintain related activities and diplomatic settings including fund restructuring, etc .....

About the Nakachian Fund, it will be officially announced in October 2019

Disclosure information includes the total amount of Nakachain fund addresses for transparent fund amounts.

Besides, the development team with the consent of all shareholders commit that every 3 months will spend 20% profit from all activities of the 7E platform to maintain and develop Nakaachain Charitable Fund.

According to the latest research from the United Nations, Nigeria is a country with the largest famine in West Africa. This nation has more than 14 million people in need of humanitarian assistance, of whom about 400.000 children need special attention.