about our company and 7eleven project

Our company is a technology research association founded in 20/2/2018

This association is organized by a group of 8 members and many other support professionals in many different countries

Team decided to develop an automated FOREX trading system with built-in risk management functions. Parts of this product are now being integrated into the Application 7E

The Vision and mission 7eleven

We keep innovating the ways to harness the power of blockchain technology to facilitate financial inclusion. At 7Eleven, we want to make digital currencies to be more accessible to more people across the borders and further increase the value of digital currencies for all

The goal of 7E by 2025 will serve 1.5 billion people on the 7E global platform

Why 7Eleven Open Platform

To provide developers increased use cases and token user base by supporting offline and online payment of their custom tokens in 7E ecosystem.

To provide token holders and users more places and scenarios to use their various digital assets easily.

To encourage merchants to adopt digital asset payment, from various ERC20 tokens and various custom-made cards, to other digital assets on different blockchains.

Advantages for blockchain developers
Little to no product development costs. Developers, token issuers, or merchants will be able to circulate their digital assets throughout 7E global network or in their own private network. You can easily access both online and offline crypto users to grow your user base while harnessing the power of blockchain technology.

Benefits to users
Tokens listed on 7Eleven Open Platform will comply with global security and compliance standards. Users will have peace of mind when using tokens across 7E Wallet, making blockchain-based digital assets a choice for everyday payment.


Architecture Overview

The Wallet Application 7E is a mix of current state-of-the-art technologies. The trading side of it is familiar from Stocks, Forex, etc., while the connectivity between Wallet Application 7E and telcos resembles that of a virtual operator. The technological challenges there are well known and defined.

Component Overview

7E Web-app
The 7eleven Web-app allows market participants to view quote feeds, see the order book and market depth, place buy/sell orders, review portfolio, order history, etc. It is analogous to FOREX trading terminals such as MetaTrader.

7E mobile app

The mobile app is a simplified version of the Web-app. It allows the user to see quote charts and place basic orders, as well as see current portfolio and 7E balance.

7eleven chain security

We approach security from a 360-degree perspective: operational, technical, organizational, and legal. Our real-world solutions help customers operate in a global economic environment while also satisfying security imperatives.

We approach each client’s supply chain risks in the context of the client’s business. Our threat and vulnerability assessments are focused on those aspects of the business that are of greatest concern to the client, its customers and government regulators. We then develop and implement mitigation plans that address security topics such as:

Legal constructs and relationships between our client and their suppliers and vendors;

Software and hardware development processes;

Lifecycle support, maintenance and upgrades of systems;

Interactions with support personnel and vendor personnel

Verification, analysis and review of software, hardware (including firmware) and chip design and fabrication;

Transparency regarding source of supply, including in some instances verification of vendor’s products and vetting of sources of supply;

Incident response support for supply chain security breaches;

Legal and operational remedies for supply chain security breaches;

Ongoing monitoring of mitigation compliance; and Review of the ownership, control and influence of key vendors and third party manufacturers.

We help our clients develop appropriate relationships with customers and government regulators, including providing transparency regarding sources of supply in the client’s supply chain. This helps ensure that the needs of our clients, their customers and government regulators can be addressed in a proactive manner.